Realistic Glowing Tattoos

Sydney-based tattoo artist Jonny Hall brings tattoos to life by using ultraviolet active tattoo ink. UV tattoos are still new to the market, but Hall enjoys experimenting with this medium as he blends traditional techniques with a modern twist. Hall’s style ranges from the traditional to the intricate, using glowing ink strategically to fully enhance his original tattoo design.

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Check Out The Biggest Project Yet – A Giant Mechanical Hexapod Spider

James Hobson of The Hacksmith attempted to build a giant mechanical spider called “the world’s largest rideable hexapod”. It was his passion project and started out as three-month build but eventually took a year and a half of failures, breakdowns, and rewrites.

His inspiration came from a video of a Princess Auto excavator which was capable of orienting itself by using the bucket to stand up and maneuver.

But this project was too ambitious from the start. Unfortunately, it was too big to function correctly, but definitely a great attempt to bring fantasy to reality.

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A Trinity of Artists Have Now Sued AI Art Companies & DeviantArt

Sarah Andersen (of Sarah’s Scribbles), Kelly McK­er­nan and Karla Ortiz have sued two of the most popular AI-generated art platforms – Stability AI and Midjourney along with DeviantArt – a portfolio and community art site.

The suit has been filed in California on behalf of artists affected & are seeking compensation for damages caused by the biggest names exploding in the field of AI-generated imagery, and is also an an injunction to prevent future harms.

For more technical details check out Butterick’s post.

So, are they really Digital Pioneers or Copyright Criminals is now for you to decide ??

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European Commission Is All Set To Object Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard deal

The European Union (EU) is reportedly planning to submit a statement of objections to Microsoft regarding its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft will likely to receive an EU antitrust warning regarding its $68.7 billion acquisition, adding to the growing list of organizations raising concerns about the deal. The EU antitrust regulator has set a deadline of April 11th for its decision on the deal.

The statement of objections charge sheet is expected to be sent in the coming weeks, though Microsoft has seemingly maintained that it’s confident in the deal’s success.

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Walk Down The Memory Lane of Legends Who Left Us Behind in 2022

Here’s a heart-wrenching video created by Matthew Moss of yourfriendelectric.

He has put together a moving video compilation of actors and filmmakers that passed away last year in 2022. He has done it beautifully, wherein he puts together performer’s films, allowing them to say goodbye in their own words.

This compilation is simply great. Watch it believe it.

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Enjoy The Short Film The Voice In The Hollow – An African Fable of Sisterhood, Envy and Ancient Evil

Watch this intense and tragic story that’s describes an African fable of sisterhood, envy, and ancient evil titled The Voice in the Hollow.

This incredibly well-crafted film is a Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma film. Written and directed by Miguel Ortega. Written and production design by Tran Ma. Produced by Alex Alvarez, music by Dan Dombrowsky and edited by Miguel Ortega.

The Voice in the Hollow stars Janeth Makungo, Rosalie Akinyi, Goodluck Gabriel and Kaitlyn O’ Connell

Enjoy this thrilling ride of Coa & Ala.

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The Long-Awaited PvP Battle Mode On Marvel Snap Will Come in Late January

Marvel Snap will get its long-awaited PVP Battle Mode on January 31, provided there are no last minute issues. It will arrive as a part of the Version 1.0 update.

This mode will see two opponents facing off against each other through multiple rounds. Both players will start with 10 health and the goal is to cut the other player’s health to 0 before they do the same to you.

Also, decks are locked throughout the entire battle, so it will benefit players to pay attention to what cards are played so they can know what they’ll be up against in future rounds. Another strategy is to hold a card back until a future round to surprise surprise your opponent.

However, this is just the start of Marvel Snap’s Battle Mode, and players can only face off against others in their same matchmaking region, global matchmaking will be on its way a bit later.

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Spam-Korean Food Or Not!!

Watch Food History a show all about history of food, join Justin Dodd as he brings you the stories of how your favorite meals ended up on your plate. Today, he is talking about SPAM. What does SPAM stand for anyway?

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