What Are The Best Selling Gaming Consoles of All Time 1978 to 2022?

Are you a gamer? Then this is a infographic you should watch.

It’s an animated timeline that shows the best-selling game consoles from 1978 through 2022. it includes both handheld & home consoles. The ranking is based on the cumulative unit sales throughout a product lifespan worldwide.

By the looks of it Nintendo held the top spot for a very long time! Then PlayStation took over.

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Watch The Boys Getting A 90s Style Sitcom Opening

Amazon Prime Video has a special treat for you with it newly released video of its hit series The Boys.

Check out its intro reimagined as an early 90s sitcom, and it comes complete with that silly upbeat sitcom music. The video includes repurposed footage from the show as it introduces its popular characters.

It only makes me wonder what if The Boys was a family-friendly sitcom and not the blood-soaked, curse-filled violent romp that it’s known for? We can only imagine, as Prime Video gives us the tickles with this fun video on social media.

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One Piece Film Red Ends Its Dream Run in Japanese Theaters on January 29

One Piece film franchise Red opened in Japan on August 6 & has sold about 13 million tickets & earned about 18.78 billion yen (about US$141.6 million) as of December 25, making it the franchise’s highest-selling and highest-earning film installment, in terms of both the number of tickets sold and yen earned at the box office.

The movie revolves around a new character named Uta, Shanks’ daughter.

The official YouTube channel for the One Piece franchise has now announced that the One Piece Film Red anime will end its run in theaters in Japan on January 29.

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Kosmogal Recommends Top 44 Anime Series of 2022, A Must Watch!!

The year 2022 proved to be a monumental one for anime enthusiasts. Crunchyroll’s acquisition of Funimation’s vast library cemented its position as the go-to online destination for anime. Netflix also made waves by announcing its plans to produce original anime content. Meanwhile, the finales of beloved series like Attack on Titan and Mob Psycho 100 drew in massive viewership.

Viewers were also treated to several much-anticipated new series that garnered widespread acclaim. Chainsaw Man, Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean all premiered to rave reviews, joining impressive new original titles like Ranking of Kings and Spy x Family. Bold and fresh animation styles were also showcased in fan favourites such as Demon Slayer and The Girl from the Other Side.

Whether you’re a fan of magical action, demon slaying, competitive sports, or teen romance, there was something for everyone in 2022. Without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of the year’s best anime in no particular order of rating.


Spy x Family anime follows the story of a spy who takes on an undercover mission that requires him to get married and adopt a child as part of his cover. As he builds a life with his new family, he discovers that both his wife and daughter have secrets of their own that they are trying to keep hidden.

The family must navigate the challenges of their individual secrets while also working together to maintain their cover. The spy must balance his loyalty to his mission with his love for his new family, and the wife and daughter must keep their own secrets from the spy while trying to create a real family bond.

With humor and heart, Spy x Family anime explores themes of love, family, and the lengths people will go to protect those they care about. As the family works together to overcome the obstacles in their path, they may find that they have created a bond that is stronger than any undercover mission.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man anime follows the story of a young man who is betrayed and left for dead. However, he is reborn as a powerful devil-human hybrid after merging with his pet devil, Pochita.

The young man, now known as Denji, is soon enlisted by an organization dedicated to hunting devils. Denji and Pochita work with the organization to eliminate devils, using Denji’s chainsaw powers and Pochita’s devil abilities.

As Denji becomes more involved with the organization, he meets other devil hunters and forms new relationships. However, the more he learns about the organization and its goals, the more he begins to question his own loyalties and the true nature of devils.

With high stakes and intense action, Chainsaw Man anime explores themes of betrayal, power, and the consequences of one’s choices.

One Piece

The anime series “One Piece” follows the exciting and unpredictable adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew of pirates, as they set sail on a quest to discover the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary pirate, Gold Roger. This treasure, known as “One Piece,” is shrouded in mystery and has inspired countless adventurers to set out on their own perilous journeys.

Luffy is a young and enthusiastic pirate with a unique ability to stretch his body like rubber, thanks to eating a mysterious fruit known as the Devil Fruit. He dreams of becoming the Pirate King and finding One Piece, which he believes will grant him the ultimate freedom and power.

Along his journey, Luffy recruits a diverse and quirky crew of fellow pirates, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Together, they face formidable enemies and daunting challenges, as they travel through treacherous waters, discover new islands, and battle rival pirate crews.

As the story unfolds, Luffy and his crew encounter a wide range of colorful characters, both friend and foe. They also uncover the dark secrets of the world’s major powers and the mysterious history of One Piece itself. Through it all, they remain fiercely loyal to each other and never lose sight of their ultimate goal.

“One Piece” is a thrilling and action-packed anime that offers a rich and detailed world full of adventure, humor, and heart. It has captured the imaginations of millions of fans worldwide and remains one of the most beloved and iconic anime series of all time. Whether you’re a fan of pirates, treasure hunts, or simply epic storytelling, “One Piece” is sure to delight and entertain you.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime follows the story of the Soul Society, which is suddenly thrown into chaos when warning sirens blare and residents begin disappearing without a trace. The society is left reeling and unsure of who or what is behind the abductions.

At the same time, Ichigo and his friends in Karakura Town sense a looming darkness approaching them. As they investigate the cause of the disturbances, they become embroiled in a dangerous battle that threatens to engulf them all.

With high stakes and intense action, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime delves into themes of power, sacrifice, and the consequences of war. As Ichigo and his allies fight to save their world, they are forced to confront their own weaknesses and make difficult choices that could change the course of their lives.

As the danger intensifies and the stakes become higher, Ichigo and his friends must come together to face their greatest challenge yet. Will they be able to stop the forces threatening their world, or will they be consumed by the darkness that surrounds them?

Mob Psycho 100 III

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime series that revolves around a young boy named Shigeo Kageyama, who is nicknamed “Mob” due to his reserved nature. Despite his unassuming demeanour, Mob possesses immense psychic powers that he struggles to control.

As a middle school student, Mob wants to lead a normal life and keep his powers hidden from others. However, he finds himself constantly drawn into dangerous situations that require him to use his abilities.

Season 3 picks up after the universe-shattering battle between psychics that concluded season 2. However, the fight did not end up destroying the entire city, and Mob is once again preoccupied with impressing his crush. With its trademark silliness, Mob Psycho 100 continues to explore the comedic potential of a child protagonist with godlike powers, offering a light viewing experience that includes a cult worshiping a giant broccoli, strangely attractive office workers, and possibly even a bit of romance for Mob.

Despite the fantastical elements of the show, Mob Psycho 100 explores relatable themes such as self-discovery, acceptance, and personal growth. As Mob learns to harness his powers and navigate the complexities of his world, viewers are taken on an emotional and action-packed journey.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean anime has quickly become a fan favourite, and for good reason. This particular arc of the series is packed with excitement and intrigue, but it’s the characters that truly shine.

Throughout the series, viewers are introduced to a wide range of interesting and dynamic characters, each with their own unique quirks and abilities. As the story unfolds, these characters are given their chance to shine, allowing viewers to develop a deeper connection with them.

But it’s the villain of the story, Pucci, who truly steals the show. As the story progresses, viewers are given a glimpse into Pucci’s twisted mind, cementing him as one of the greatest villains in the JoJo franchise. Overall, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is an anime that delivers on every level. From the exciting plot to the unforgettable characters, it’s a series that is sure to captivate audiences from start to finish.

Attack on Titan (Final Season Part 2)

In Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2, the war for Paradis continues to intensify as the focus shifts to the city of Shiganshina. The Jaegerists have taken control and are now facing off against Marley, who retaliates with a surprise attack after being caught off guard by Eren.

As Zeke’s true intentions are unveiled and a new military leadership takes control, the battle appears to be expanding on multiple fronts. The story’s climax will reveal where Eren’s true loyalties lie, adding to the already high stakes and intense action that have made this season a thrilling ride for fans.

Kotaro Lives Alone

Kotaro used to live a solitary life as a manga artist, content with his quiet existence. But everything changes when a 5-year-old boy named Aki suddenly moves in next door, all alone. Despite his initial reluctance, Kotaro takes it upon himself to care for Aki, and the two begin an unlikely journey of discovery and growth.

As Kotaro learns to navigate the challenges of raising a child, he begins to understand the value of human connection and the joys of opening himself up to others. And for Aki, who has been living in isolation for so long, Kotaro’s kindness and guidance provide a newfound sense of safety and belonging.

Kotaro Lives Alone is a heartwarming tale of two unlikely companions finding their way in the world, and the transformative power of compassion and friendship.

Bocchi the Rock!

Bocchi the Rock! anime tells the story of a shy, awkward, and lonely high school student who dreams of being in a band, despite her doubts and worries. Though she feels isolated from her peers, she finds solace in her music and hopes to someday perform on stage.

One day, Bocchi is recruited to be the guitarist for a group that is looking to make it big. At first, she is hesitant and unsure of herself, but she soon realizes that this may be the opportunity to make her dream a reality.

As Bocchi becomes more involved in the band, she finds herself growing more confident and forming new relationships with her fellow musicians. However, she must also navigate the challenges of being in a band, such as creative differences and competition from other groups.

With themes of friendship, perseverance, and the power of music, Bocchi the Rock! anime is a heart-warming story about following one’s dreams and overcoming self-doubt.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock is an anime that revolves around a unique project aimed at creating the ultimate striker in the world of soccer.

High school players from all corners of Japan converge to participate in this highly controversial experiment that is set to revolutionize the sport. The objective is to develop the most self-centered and ruthless striker, who can lead the national team to victory in the upcoming World Cup.

The players are put through rigorous training, and the competition is fierce as they fight for a spot in the Blue Lock facility. The ultimate goal is to become the chosen one, the player who will lead the Japanese national team to glory.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 2)

In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Season 2), the story of Tanjiro and his quest to protect his sister Nezuko from turning into a demon continues. After the devastating attack on their family by demons, Tanjiro and Nezuko are the only survivors, but Nezuko is slowly transforming into a demon herself.

Determined to find a way to turn her back into a human and avenge his family, Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer and joins forces with other skilled swordsmen to fight the demons and protect humanity.

As they face new challenges and encounter more powerful demons, Tanjiro’s resolve to save his sister and put an end to demonkind is put to the ultimate test.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, transports viewers to a futuristic city obsessed with technology and body modification. The story follows a street kid who is fighting for survival in this harsh world. With everything to lose, he makes the decision to become an Edgerunner, a mercenary outlaw also known as a Cyberpunk, in order to stay alive.

As an Edgerunner, the protagonist navigates the dangerous underworld of the city, taking on high-risk missions that other mercenaries won’t touch. The anime promises to deliver a thrilling ride, filled with action and adventure, as the Edgerunner fights to survive and thrive in this cutthroat world.

It is an immersive and captivating experience, as they are drawn into the gritty and dangerous world of the Cyberpunks.

Ranking of Kings

Ranking of Kings Anime portrays the struggles of young Prince Bojji, who is born with a hearing and speech impairment. Despite being the heir to the throne, the people of the kingdom mock and belittle him, calling him “The Useless Prince” and treating him with disdain. Bojji’s supposed foolishness only adds fuel to their ridicule, leaving him isolated and alone in a world that seems to have no place for him. However, Bojji’s spirit remains unbroken, and he is determined to prove his worth and earn the respect he deserves. With the help of his loyal friend and ally, Kage, Bojji sets out on a journey to overcome the challenges that stand in his way and show the world what he’s truly capable of achieving.

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun

In the anime series “Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun,” Riko, Reg, and Nanachi continue their journey after the intense challenges they faced in Idofront. Having obtained a White Whistle, Riko is able to explore the sixth layer of the Abyss, where the fabled Golden City is said to exist.

As they make their way through the unforgiving terrain, the trio must contend with dangerous creatures and harsh conditions. They eventually come across a village inhabited by strange creatures known as “hollows,” which only adds to their sense of unease.

Undeterred, they press on, determined to uncover the secrets of the settlement and the lost adventurers who once braved the depths of the Abyss. But with every step they take, the trio realizes they are descending further into a world of mystery, danger, and unfathomable beauty.

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