New Pokémon Plushie Line features unique Pikachu designs, no two are alike!

The Pokémon Center in Japan has launched a new line of plush toys called “My Pikachu,” which are truly one of a kind. Unlike most plush toys, each Pikachu is individually unique, with different facial expressions, arm poses, ear and tail lengths, bigger feet, electric pouches, and even varying stuffing levels. In honor of Earth Day, these special Pikachus are made from recycled plastic. Customers can call out “Pikachu” to an employee, who will pick out a random Pikachu for them from a tree-themed cabinet, a tactic that has proven especially popular with children. Unfortunately, these toys are currently only available for purchase on-site in Japan, and resellers are relisting them online at double their price. Despite their popularity, all Pikachus are good children and should be appreciated for their individual qualities.

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