Discover the Exciting Features of Genshin Impact Update 3.7: Introducing Cards, Combat Challenges, and an Adorable Catgirl!

Exciting news awaits Genshin Impact players as the highly anticipated Update 3.7 is just around the corner. Get ready to immerse yourself in an incredible TCG (Trading Card Game) event and embrace the arrival of a formidable new sword user character that will enhance your gameplay experience.

The King of Invocations Grand Prix is set to captivate players with its thrilling TCG-themed mini-games. Engage in four different challenges, including the captivating “Genius Invokation” TCG, where you can showcase your strategic prowess. For those seeking alternative options, the “Zero Hour Invokation” offers an unofficial tournament with selected cards, while the “Evermotion Mechanical Painting” presents gear-based puzzles to test your problem-solving skills. Dive into the “Heart of the Dice” minigame, which seamlessly integrates TCG elements into Genshin Impact’s combat mechanics, and embark on a memorable journey with the “A Tour of Wonders” event, where you can vanquish enemies and collect commemorative stamps along the way. Complete event challenges to earn exclusive rewards, including the coveted four-star Ibis Piercer bow.

Alongside the thrilling TCG event, Genshin Impact Update 3.7 introduces a captivating new character: Kirara, the Four-star Dendro sword user. Unleash her claws and tap into her extraordinary youkai powers as she joins your roster of formidable fighters. Experience her unique Elemental Skill, which creates a protective Dendro shield after a powerful flying kick, or harness her “Urgent Neko Parcel” transformation, granting her enhanced speed and the ability to unleash devastating Dendro damage. Witness the explosive power of her Elemental Burst, unleashing Dendro bombs that deal tremendous damage to enemies in their path.

But that’s not all! Update 3.7 also brings a captivating new story quest featuring Yoimiya and a captivating hangout event centered around Kaveh. Prepare to test your skills in various thrilling combat challenges that will push you to your limits.

Mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable journey as Genshin Impact Update 3.7 arrives on May 24. Brace yourself for exhilarating battles, captivating storytelling, and the introduction of mesmerizing new features that will elevate your Genshin Impact experience to new heights.

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