Video Games Will Benefit From AI, Says Phil Spencer

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer believes that artificial intelligence (AI) can be a positive force in video games, as AI has always been a part of video game development. Spencer acknowledges that AI is an important factor in game development, from physics simulations to rendering and audio technology. He also points out that when game creators are given new tools to work with, it takes some time to find the rhythm of how everything fits in.

Spencer is optimistic about AI’s potential as an “additive, positive force” in the games they are building, and says that the company’s creators are currently working with AI engineers to explore its possibilities. Microsoft recently partnered with OpenAI for a reported $10 billion deal, indicating the company’s investment in AI technology.

EA has been working on AI technology for several years through its Project Atlas initiative, which involves 1,000 people working on AI and neural networks to change how games are made. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has also acknowledged AI’s potential in video game development, although he cautions that it won’t necessarily make creating a true GTA competitor any easier.

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