Thomas Jane and John Malkovich Star In ONE RANGER – A Thrilling Crossover of Texas Justice and British Intelligence

Lionsgate has recently dropped a thrilling new trailer for the international neo-western crime film, One Ranger. This action-packed movie stars Thomas Jane as a Texas Ranger, who is recruited by British Intelligence to help them catch a dangerous terrorist planning an attack on London. The film promises a wild ride as Jane’s character stops at nothing to bring the outlaw to justice.

One Ranger is described as a blend of Texas Justice and British Intelligence, and the movie also features an impressive cast including John Malkovich, Dominique Tipper, Dean Jagger, Jess Liaudin, Rachel Wilde, Nick Moran, and Patrick Bergin. The official synopsis for the film is as follows:

“An expert gunslinger Texas Ranger (Thomas Jane) pursues a bank robber (Dean Jagger) across the scorching desert only to discover that he is a terrorist planning to detonate a bomb in the heart of London. After his partner is killed, he teams up with a British intelligence agent (Dominique Tipper) and her boss (John Malkovich) to bring the outlaw to justice – dead or alive.”

One Ranger is written and directed by the action-packed filmmaker Jesse V. Johnson, who has helmed several popular movies like The Honorable, Pit Fighter, The Fifth Commandment, and The Debt Collector. The film is set to hit select theaters and VOD on May 5th, 2023. Fans of thrilling action movies should mark their calendars for this one!

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