Relativity Space Announces Launch Date for World’s First 3D-Printed Rocket: Terran 1

California-based Relativity Space is preparing for the inaugural launch of its groundbreaking 3D-printed rocket, the Terran 1. After securing a launch license from the Federal Aviation Administration, the company announced that the rocket is set to launch on March 8 from Launch Complex 16 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The mission, which is called “Good Luck, Have Fun,” will test the rocket’s ability to reach orbit, making it the largest 3D printed object ever to attempt orbital flight. The rocket is 85% 3D printed, and the company hopes to make it 95% 3D printed in the future.

Although the company had planned to conduct a final test before the launch, it has decided to skip the test, citing the potential risk of further wear and tear on the rocket versus aborting the mission if something goes wrong. The company is confident in the success of the rocket’s test flight, however, there is no guarantee that the rocket will succeed on its inaugural flight, given that Relativity Space has never accomplished this feat, and because it’s attempting to do so with such an experimental rocket.

Relativity Space already has big plans for the future, including the development of Terran R, a fully reusable and entirely 3D-printed launch vehicle capable of launching 20 tons to low Earth orbit. The company also has launch contracts worth $1.2 billion for the rocket’s future trips to orbit. The upcoming test flight of Terran 1 will showcase the capabilities of Relativity Space and whether its 3D printed rockets will be a game changer.

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