Rare Pikachu Pokémon Card from the 90s Sells for Whopping $300K

Recently, a rare Pikachu Pokémon card was sold for an astonishing price of $300,000 at a multi-national auction held by Heritage Auctions. The card in question is a 1997 Trophy Pikachu, which was issued to the third-place winner during the first-ever tournament of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in Japan. The card is considered to be extremely rare, as only a handful of them were ever printed, and according to the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), less than 100 of these cards exist today.

What makes this particular Pikachu card even more valuable is its near-perfect condition. The PSA graded the Trophy Pikachu card an NM-MT 8, which means it is in almost pristine condition. The rarity and condition of the card have made it highly sought after by collectors, and it sold for an unexpected price that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Pokémon cards are collectible and playable cards that are part of the Pokémon TCG. While most cards are just printed art on cardstock, some limited-edition cards can fetch high prices, as evidenced by the recent sale of a Grusha and Iono double-set pack that caused Japan to run out of stock. However, the Trophy Pikachu card sold at Heritage Auctions is considered an “extraordinarily rare” card that only a few lucky trainers who placed high in the tournament in Japan could get their hands on.

According to Heritage Auctions’ trading card games consignment director Jesus Garcia, the card is now the centerpiece of the winning bidder’s collection. The card was not available in booster boxes and was only given to trainers who finished in third place at the tournament. For those interested in buying the card, the current owner is accepting offers starting at $450,000, although the owner’s willingness to entertain offers has not yet been verified.

In summary, while $300,000 is a substantial amount of money that could buy several luxury items, for a lucky collector, it was the price they were willing to pay for a rare and valuable piece of Pokémon history.

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