One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda Harnesses the Power of ChatGPT to Write Next Chapter

Artificial Intelligence has gained immense popularity in recent times, surpassing human abilities in many aspects. From winning art competitions to completing incomplete work, AI has become an indomitable force that gives humans tough competition. One of the most popular AI software is CHATGPT, an artificial intelligence language model operated by the software OpenAI, which has the ability to answer almost any question.

Eiichiro Oda, the author of the famous manga series One Piece, recently experimented with CHATGPT and shared his experience on the official Twitter account of One Piece. In a video posted on the account, Oda can be seen asking the AI software to write the script for the next chapter of One Piece, and instructing it to make it particularly entertaining.

In the script written by CHATGPT, a King of Shadows kidnaps Chopper, and Robin teams up with the Shadow Tribe to save him. With the help of her new allies, Robin and the Straw Hats defeat the King of Shadows and save Chopper. However, Oda was not impressed with this storyline and asked CHATGPT to come up with a better one.

CHATGPT then presented a new storyline where an alien secretly invades The Thousand Sunny, the ship of Straw Hats. The alien’s planet was destroyed by an evil spaceship, and it seeks the help of the Straw Hats to capture it. On their journey, they encounter a witch who wants to steal the alien’s Star Fragment, which is crucial for restoring the destroyed planet. The Straw Hats defeat the witch and use the Star Fragment to restore the alien’s planet.

Impressed with this storyline, Oda thanked CHATGPT and announced that he would write the chapter exactly as it was presented by the AI software.

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