Netflix’s upcoming documentary on Pornhub explores sex trafficking allegations

Netflix has unveiled a preview for its documentary titled “Money Shot,” which delves into the controversial porn site, Pornhub. The documentary features interviews with former employees, activists, and performers, and explores the scandals and triumphs that have arisen during the platform’s 16 years of existence.

The trailer indicates that the film will investigate allegations of sexual exploitation and non-consensual pornography on Pornhub, as well as the site’s alleged monetization of child pornography, which has led to a lawsuit against owner MindGeek. In 2020, the platform removed all content uploaded by unverified users.

Money Shot appears to go beyond Pornhub to examine other aspects of the sex industry, including the censorship of sex workers and performers on social media platforms. According to one interviewee, critics aren’t only attacking porn, but also the right to self-expression.

The documentary promises a comprehensive exploration of Pornhub and the wider adult entertainment industry. Viewers can decide for themselves how carefully and sensitively the documentary addresses these issues when it debuts on Netflix on March 15th.

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