Levi’s To Incorporate AI-Generated Virtual Models In Addition To Human Models

Levi’s is teaming up with AI company Lalaland.ai to incorporate computer-generated fashion models alongside human models. The company frames the move as part of a “digital transformation journey” for diversity, equity, inclusion, and sustainability. Although Levi’s claims the initiative is about increasing diversity, critics argue that the company is using AI to generate the appearance of diversity while avoiding paying human models.

Lalaland.ai aims to promote diversity and inclusivity by creating “hyper-realistic” models of every body type, age, size, and skin tone, allowing customers to see how fashion items would look on someone who looks like them.

Levi’s insists that AI will not replace human models, but some view this as a potential first step toward automating the industry. The company recently underwent a restructuring plan that resulted in the loss of nearly 20% of its corporate workforce, raising concerns about its motives for incorporating AI-generated models.

Regardless, Levi’s is moving forward with its partnership with Lalaland.ai, citing its high-quality technology as a means of providing a more diverse and inclusive customer experience.

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