HBO Max Greenlights Harry Potter TV Series with Plans for 7 Seasons

According to a report by Deadline, there is potential for a Harry Potter TV series to be developed for HBO Max, with author JK Rowling being close to signing on as a producer. While it’s still early in the process and nothing has been confirmed, the series is rumored to span seven seasons, with each season focusing on one of the seven Harry Potter books. While the project is still in the early stages, it is expected that a writer will be sought once Rowling signs on. There are no official details regarding casting, plot, or release date, and WB has yet to confirm the development of the series.

The CEO of WB Discovery, David Zaslav, has expressed excitement about focusing on tentpole franchises, and Harry Potter would undoubtedly be a part of that. According to the report, Zaslav has met with Rowling on multiple occasions and has supported her, despite ongoing controversy and criticism over her comments about transgender issues.

Although the spinoff movie series, Fantastic Beasts, seems to have stalled, the newest Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, has proven to be a commercial success, demonstrating the ongoing appeal of the Harry Potter series.

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