Experience the Thrills of Fear Fest: Join the First-Ever Horror Game Awards in September

Prepare yourself for an electrifying event this September as Fear Fest makes its highly anticipated return. This spine-chilling two-day extravaganza, presented by Feardemic, will captivate horror enthusiasts with an array of upcoming terrifying games and the groundbreaking Horror Game Awards.

Mark your calendars for September 6, as Fear Fest kicks off its bone-chilling journey. The event will be broadcast exclusively on IGN’s esteemed YouTube and Twitch channels, commencing at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern / 7pm UK. Brace yourself for the adrenaline-fueled showcase, Black Summer 2023, a spine-tingling three-hour presentation featuring exclusive world premiere trailers, intriguing developer interviews, captivating special guest appearances, and riveting reactions from top content creators. Immerse yourself in the realm of horror as the most anticipated games of 2023 and 2024 take center stage.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. On September 7, Fear Fest reaches its grand climax with the highly anticipated Horror Game Awards. Taking place at the legendary and hauntingly atmospheric theater in Krakow, this prestigious ceremony will honor the best horror games of the past year and pay tribute to the talented developers behind them. Prepare to be enthralled as renowned figures from the horror genre present coveted golden bat trophies to the deserving winners.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Scott Millard, CEO of Feardemic, stated, “We created this event in 2022 as a tribute to our horror community, and it turned out to be a huge success. This year, we wanted to make Fear Fest even more spectacular and valuable for horror fans, which is why we decided to expand the event into two unforgettable nights: one to build anticipation for the upcoming games and one to celebrate the remarkable games of the past year. IGN, with its unparalleled expertise, was the perfect partner for Fear Fest, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them on this extraordinary project.”

Stay tuned for the voting phase of the Horror Game Awards, which will open later this year. As a member of the gaming community, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to cast your vote and have a say in selecting the winners across 15 different categories. Don’t miss out on this chance to honor your favorite horror games and the creative minds that brought them to life.

Get ready to face your fears and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of horror gaming. Fear Fest is back, and it’s set to deliver an unparalleled experience that will leave you breathless.

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