Crunchyroll and Duolingo Collaborate to Integrate Anime Phrases into Language Learning App

Crunchyroll and Duolingo have joined forces to bring you a unique language learning experience by incorporating iconic anime phrases into Duolingo’s Japanese course. This collaboration comes in celebration of Duolingo’s sixth anniversary of offering Japanese lessons.

Starting today, the Japanese Duolingo course will feature nearly 50 anime-inspired phrases. The partnership is a perfect fit, considering that Japanese ranks as the third most popular language for English speakers on Duolingo. It’s no surprise that many Japanese learners find enjoyment in anime and video games, which often serve as powerful motivators for language learning.

Exciting subscriber promotions are also tied to this collaboration. Premium Crunchyroll subscribers can enjoy a special offer of two free months of Super Duolingo, the premium version of the app that offers an ad-free experience and additional features. Free Crunchyroll users can benefit from a one-month trial of Super Duolingo. Similarly, Duolingo users studying Japanese can unlock one free month of Crunchy Mega Fan premium access, granting them ad-free streaming on Crunchyroll.

Moreover, selected anime series featuring simple everyday vocabulary will be available on Crunchyroll AVOD (ad-supported video-on-demand) for a limited time. These series include Bananya, a delightful show about a cat living in a banana, Free – Iwatobi Swim Club, a captivating sports anime centered around a high school swim team, Laid-Back Camp, a soothing slice-of-life series exploring the joys of camping, and Nichijou – My Ordinary Life, a beloved and hilarious comedy following the misadventures of three schoolgirls.

Immerse yourself in the world of anime while learning Japanese with this exciting collaboration between Crunchyroll and Duolingo. Enhance your language skills and discover the wonders of Japanese pop culture like never before.

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