AtGames Unveils Upgraded Legends Ultimate Arcade And Pinball Machines With 4K Resolution

AtGames is expanding its line of home arcade products with 4K versions of its Legends Ultimate arcade and Legends Pinball machines. Set to release by the end of 2023, the Legends Pinball 4KP and Legends Ultimate 4KP come with increased storage, and processing power, as well as new UI features.

The Legends Pinball 4KP features a larger backglass display and solenoids in place of the original haptic speakers. The Legends Ultimate 4KP is similar to the standard Legends Ultimate but includes a BitLCD marquee to display game art.

AtGames is also offering upgrade kits for older machines to provide them with 4K processing power. In addition, AtGames will release the Legends Voyager, a handheld system that plays all existing game and pinball packs from the other AtGames machines and includes 50 built-in games. But the, pricing details for these products have not yet been announced.

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