AI Tool for Manga Creation Co-Developed by Shonen Jump+ Editors: A Revolution in Manga Writing

In the contemporary world of AI art, it can be a contentious matter. Just last week, several Japanese content platforms such as DLsite, Ci-en, pixiv FANBOX, and Fantia banned or imposed restrictions on its use. However, Shueisha editor Yūta Momiyama, responsible for managing Weekly Shonen Jump’s online services Shonen Jump+ and MANGA Plus, envisions a unique role for AI tools in creative work, particularly as a tool to streamline the writing aspect of manga production.

Momiyama recently took to Twitter to announce that he and Shonen Jump+ editor-in-chief Shuhei Hosono have jointly developed the ‘Comic CoPilot’ AI tool. Leveraging ChatGPT and featuring a user-friendly Japanese interface, this tool aims to assist manga creators in devising catchy titles and names, as well as condensing dialogue to fit within speech bubbles. This latter feature promises to be a game-changer, as it can significantly reduce the time-consuming process of refining dialogue lines to succinctly deliver the intended message.

The co-developer Kensuu, who heads the tech firm alu, specializing in AI and NFT projects, contributed his expertise to the project. In a statement on the Comic CoPilot website, he dismissed fears of AI taking away jobs, expressing his belief that AI can actually broaden creative horizons.

Manga creators are strongly encouraged to share their AI-assisted creations on the user-generated manga platforms Shonen Jump Rookie and Manga-No. However, the site’s FAQ notes a cautionary warning: while AI-generated advice and ideas can be utilized, the content may inadvertently borrow from existing manga works. Thus, users are individually accountable for verifying whether the content infringes on any intellectual property.

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