Upcoming RPG Mirthwood Fuses Stardew Valley with Medieval Fantasy Adventure Elements

If you’ve been seeking a farming simulator with a little more adrenaline, you might want to keep tabs on Mirthwood, an upcoming RPG from Bad Ridge Games. Unveiled recently, Mirthwood seamlessly blends a medieval fantasy life simulator with thrilling elements of action and adventure. The game invites players to develop their own characters, cultivate a homestead, venture into ancient ruins, battle supernatural beings, and even explore potential romances.

Mirthwood sets the stage with your character’s arrival in the eponymous town, fleeing from their war-ravaged homeland. They’re soon thrust into the task of establishing their new life and deciding the path they wish to follow in this enigmatic land. The game offers an array of options, including crafting, farming, trading, combat, questing, exploration, and socializing that could lead to romantic liaisons.

Per the game’s press release, player choice significantly influences the overall gameplay. “For those driven by adventure, they can opt to traverse treacherous forests, unearth secrets of ancient ruins, and confront formidable creatures in search of the land’s hidden treasures,” while players preferring a more peaceful existence can focus on enhancing their homestead, cultivating a farm, rearing animals, and engaging with fellow villagers through a “Sims-like relationship system.” With its open-world setting, non-linear progression, and decision-driven narratives, Mirthwood aims to provide multiple playthroughs with unique experiences for every player.

Mirthwood is slated for a PC release in early 2024, and it can now be added to your Steam wishlist.

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