PUBG: Battlegrounds Marks Sixth Anniversary with Impressive Stats and Latest Update

With millions of players registered on multiple platforms, PUBG: Battlegrounds has achieved incredible success since its launch. To celebrate its sixth anniversary, the battle royale shooter has released a list of impressive stats highlighting its milestones over the years. Available in 242 countries, the game has sold over 75 million units on consoles and PC, with a concurrent player peak of 3.25 million on Steam. It has also remained one of the platform’s most-played games and top-selling IPs for six consecutive years.

In total, PUBG: Battlegrounds boasts 150.7 million registered users who have played for a combined 16.3 billion hours. As part of its anniversary celebrations, the game has released its 22.2 update on consoles, featuring server fixes, map service, gameplay balancing, and a new Famas assault rifle. The update also includes map changes such as billboards, more hills on Deston, and a dirt racetrack on the peninsula south of Sancara.

Moreover, PUBG: Battlegrounds has introduced a new Progressive Weapon Skin for the AUG called Neon Dream, which will appear as a world spawn item. The game has also added a new BLACKPINK skin bundle featuring all four members of the K-pop group.

Launched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017, PUBG: Battlegrounds has become one of the leading battle royale games and has inspired numerous similar titles since its release.

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