Polymega Set to Release Free App for Playing Retro Games on Any Device

It’s great news as Polymega unveils free app for cloud-based retro gaming.

Polymega has long been renowned for its physical emulator, which enables gamers to enjoy their favorite classic titles using original games and controllers. With prices starting at $549, the base unit allows access to a range of CD-ROM based games, including the original PlayStation and Sega Saturn, with cartridge-based games playable via additional modules. The system has ports for connecting original controllers and even includes a light gun designed for use with modern HDTVs. Now, however, Polymega has revealed its latest innovation: the Polymega App.

This free downloadable app enables users to access their games collections, game states, and installs via the cloud, using any standard disc drive to start playing, installing, and managing legacy games from any device. Although disc drives are becoming increasingly rare, Polymega has catered for users without them, with the Polymega Remix – a piece of hardware that enables CDs and cartridges to be connected to a PC and other devices via USB for use with the Polymega App. Retailing at just $149, the Polymega Remix is a much more affordable option.

Polymega has also announced the Polymega XL, a premium subscription that will offer additional features, including Cloud access for playing games on multiple devices. Details of pricing and other features are yet to be released, but those who purchased a Polymega Base Unit or Deluxe Bundle before December 31, 2022, will be granted access to the closed beta for the Polymega App, along with exclusive access to Polymega XL during the beta and a free one-year upgrade to Polymega XL following the beta. Customers who have ordered other products from Polymega will receive access to the closed beta under the free-tier.

Finally, Polymega has announced a new Universal Wireless Controller, compatible with Android and featuring improved battery life and lower-latency 2.4GHz connectivity. This new controller will be included in all Polymega devices delivered in 2023 and beyond.

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