Nintendo Unboxing Story Takes a Tragic Turn, but Ends on a Positive Note

In August 2022, a tragic story surfaced in the world of Nintendo collectors. Erik Voskuil, a serious collector, thought he had struck gold when he came across two decks of souvenir playing cards featuring Kyoto in the 1950s, which were some of the best examples of the kind of things Nintendo used to make before switching to video games. However, when he opened them up, disaster struck. The cards had fused together completely, turning into one solid block of paper.

Voskuil’s story, which appeared on various websites, ended up on news feeds and Google search results, reaching people outside the usual video game collector circles. As a result, he was offered two decks from two different people, both from the United States, who had read about the cards on his blog. One deck had been obtained through an estate sale, while the other had been discovered in an abandoned house. Voskuil made deals to purchase both decks, and now has them in his possession in pristine condition.

This story is a testament to the power of the internet and the reach of social media. It’s also a reminder of the value of rare and historic items, and the lengths collectors will go to obtain them. Voskuil’s passion and determination paid off in the end, and he now has two beautiful decks of playing cards to add to his collection.

In conclusion, while the initial story of the fused cards was a tragedy, it ended on a happy note thanks to the internet and the kindness of strangers. This story is a fascinating glimpse into the world of Nintendo collectors and the lengths they will go to obtain rare items. We can all learn something from Voskuil’s perseverance and dedication, and appreciate the historic value of these unique playing cards.

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