Hidden Cryptocurrency Mining Operation Discovered at Local High School

A 39-year-old man named Nadeam Nahas has been arrested and is facing charges in Cohasset, a small town located about 10 miles outside Boston, after local authorities discovered an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation. Nahas had previously served as the assistant facilities director for Cohasset before resigning shortly after the operation was uncovered.

According to a report by the BBC, the mining setup was hidden under the floors of Cohasset High School, and was discovered during a routine inspection of the school in December 2021. Cohasset High School’s director of facilities noticed electrical wires, temporary ductwork, and numerous computers that seemed out of place. Upon further inspection, local authorities found that the ducts and wiring were all leading towards the same area, near the school’s boiler room, where an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation was discovered.

The mining operation consisted of 11 computers, including some that were inside coolers that vented to the outdoors. Despite not being a large-scale operation, the mining setup was drawing a significant amount of power and was estimated to have racked up electricity bills for the school totaling around $17,500.

Authorities say the mining setup had been in operation from April to December 2021, and an investigation involving local police, the US Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security led to Nahas’ arrest. Nahas plead not guilty in a court appearance last week and is currently facing charges related to the illegal cryptocurrency mining operation.

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