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Skullcandy Gaming Has Finally Arrived!

Skullcandy has now launched a range of new gaming headsets, whether you’re a casual player or a 24-hour marathon streaming legend, there’s a Skullcandy Gaming headset for you. They are going big with three all-new headsets, SLYR, SLYR Pro, and…

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Apple Far Out 2022 Event Goes Live Today

Apple iPhone 14 is to launch today. The big wait for Apple’s annual event ends today. In a few hours from now, Apple will hold its Far Out event at its Cupertino-campus and is expected to make some major announcements…

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Bend It Like Corsair’s New OLED Gaming Monitor

Corsair teams up with LG to create a never-before-seen OLED gaming monitor “Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240” – one you literally bend by hand using two extending handles as per your liking. The screen itself spans 45 inches with a 3,440×1440 resolution,…

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